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Systems and Support for service providers who are looking for a better work-life integration.

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Reduce OVERWHELM in your business and get SIMPLE!

If you are ready to build your business in a way that puts focus on what YOU ENJOY then download our Guide to Thriving! We use these steps with all of our clients to get them back to the driver’s seat of their business. We meet you where you are at in your business because we believe that the strategy and systems you use in your business are customized to you, but these are the core areas all of our clients regardless of industry or business need to implement to ensure success. 

Are you ready to...

Have free time and not be an employee to your business. You are able to enjoy traveling or more time with your kids, truly whatever your heart’s content, even if it is starting an additional revenue stream. 

Have a clear plan of what your month, week, or day will look like because you have structure and systems that reduce your mental burden. You are digitally organized and prepared with the software, processes, and people you have in place.

Have the team and support you desire to achieve your big brave goals you have set for you and your business. You know that you cannot achieve the big goals without a team and support. 

How our clients feel:

Pick Your Path:


Book a two hour strategy call to get a customized action plan. These calls can focus on whatever your biggest operational pain points are whether it is ClickUp, software integrations, hiring next steps, or process improvement. 


You are beyond the DIY stage, but aren’t ready for an OBM or Operations consultant. Join the Back Pocket Ops Mentorship to gain access to start building your digital foundation for a successful business! The mentorship focuses on the systems and tech you need to streamline before you hire. 


You are serious about growing your business and know you can’t do it all alone. You are looking to reduce the growing pains of an in-demand business and need streamlined systems to sustainably run your business, then this is for you. Hire us as your operations and systems consulting team!

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Let’s set up a consultation call now to see how I can help you manage it all.

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Hey, I'm Emma!

I’m the ELF behind this operations consulting firm!  I’m here to take the overwhelm out of your business and give you more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you!

Control. Freedom. Flexibility. 

Isn’t that why we pursue this crazy life of entrepreneurship? Like many other mom entrepreneurs, I started ELF Operations as a VA side hustle in order to take back financial control in my life and find time freedom when I became a single mother. I left an abusive relationship and I was just trying to survive life at the age of 22. I wanted to be able to give my baby anything she wanted and wanted to be present for all the little moments.

Prior to helping clients find freedom and flexibility in their business, I had a background in Operations Management where I was a scheduler and resource planner for multi-million dollar projects.  I built my business with automation and efficiency from day one to help me live my life to the fullest while juggling working a full time job, running ELF Operations, being a full time mom, and trying to heal. 

Now I help women not just survive their day to day, but THRIVE in a life they love by creating strategy, systems, and teams that support the life they want to live without burnout or overwhelm through my SIMPLE Ops Framework!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Our Thrive over Survive Motto

Is to get as many small business owners out of survival mode that we can. We want to help you simplify your life so you can enjoy the little things in life, like making pancakes on a Friday morning with your kids because you can! This is what we call THRIVER mode, living a life you love.

We come along side you as trusted partners to help you grow a business that fits your lifestyle, goals, and vision. Whether that is running an international remote company or running your business from two days a week so you can be that present PTA mom you want to be while still making an impact!

The goal is to execute and elevate the vision you have for your business so you can be the CEO you were meant to be. We do this through STRATEGY, SYSTEMS, and SUPPORT (your team). We aim to add value and support in every interaction we have whether it be through collaborations, trainings, referrals, or services.

We believe…

Overwhelmed by technology?

Here is my “Tech Stack for Freedom” workbook that gives you my top tools for any stage of your business, helping you save 10 hours a week. It also includes my proven exercise to help you compare your options and easily pick the best:

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