Hi, I am Emma!

I am a Systems and Operations Strategist.

I work with visionary CEOs who are serious about scaling their business in efficient and sustainable ways.

Do you want SUCCESS without all the STRESS?

This 5-day mini course will help take the overwhelm out of your operations strategy so many CEOs feel when they think about ops!

You get video tutorials, templates, a workbook, and feedback from me to help you map out your action plan to building easy scalable systems!

Have we met?

I'm Emma Ferrick.

The ELF behind this operation! 

I’m here to take the stress out of your business and give you more time to focus on the things that matter most to you!

My superpower is my ability to create systems that work for your business to help you grow. Prior to helping clients find freedom and flexibility in their business, I graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Operations Management with a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma that led me to work full time as a Project Scheduler.

Two years into corporate life I knew there had to be a better way of living. I was stressed, undervalued, and struggling to balance everything on my plate. 

I had recently left an abusive relationship so I was struggling to have financial independence so I started my VA side hustle while still working full time. I built my business with automation and efficiency from day one to help me live my life to the fullest. 

Now I help women find freedom and flexibility by creating systems and processes that support the life they want to live without burnout or overwhelm through my Optimization Framework! 

I am looking forward to working together! 

Here you can learn more about me, my style, and…


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Overwhelmed by technology?

Here is my tech stack for freedom workbook that gives you my top tools for any stage of your business to help save you 10 hours a week and my proven exercise to help you compare your options and easily pick the best:

Overwhelmed by Tech Options?

Overwhelmed by all the tech choices when it comes to simplifying your business?

 I have created the Tech Stack to Freedom, which gives you all the tools I use in my business that has allowed me to hit 10K months without a team! Since I know not every business runs the same I have included my signature exercise to help you beat analysis paralysis!