Here's All My Favorite Resources!

My Digital Resources:

Tech Stack to Freedom Workbook

Not every business and industry uses the same tools so to make sure YOU find the RIGHT fit for you I included my signature exercise that will help you beat the analysis paralysis and take ACTION. No more wasting time researching or testing.

Common Wastes in your Busines

Let me help you identify if you are wasting time and money in your business! Download my guide to common operational wastes in online businesses that can be holding your team back.

Learn about our SIMPLE OPs Framework

Our goal through this framework is to help clients create a work life balance so they ENJOY life. We know you are busy and ready to get the details so we made it easy for you to learn more about our SIMPLE Ops Framework and how it can help you!

My Go To Software Choices:


I love using Dubsado as my CRM and Referral Partner Tracker. It has allowed me to start automating with ease.


I use Clickup as my centralized virtual headquarters to keep my business organized, automated, and can easily delegate to my team.


I love a software that is good at more then 1 thing. I love that Thrivecart allows me to set up multiple payment options for one product and allows me to create beautiful courses with ease!


I have moved many clients from free options to Convertkit because it easier to set up automations and integrations with beautifully branded emails.


This is my secret tool that has allowed me to scale to a certain point without hiring a VA because it allows me to integrate all my tools for seamless systems.


Don't let this one intimidate you. If money makes you nervous this tool can help you save a couple hours a week when it comes to your bookkeeping.

ClickUp Templates for All Parts of Your Business:

Testimonial Tracker

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Connection Management

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SOP Library

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Tech Trainings for Online Business Owners:

Why Your Small Business Is A Target For Hackers

On this episode of Behind The Scenes, I discussed cyber security and why small businesses are a target for hackers with Cyber Security Consultant, Caitriona Forde. ⁠

How To Pick The Best System For Your Small Business

I walk you through picking the right tools and software for your small business without getting stopped by analysis paralysis or swept up by shiny object syndrome.

How To Create And Sell Premium Offers

On this episode of Behind The Scenes, I discussed creating and selling premium offers with Sales Leadership Expert, Michelle Terpstra! We focus on how you can sell with ease so you don't have to subscribe to sleasy sales tactics.

Books I Love:

You are a Badass at Making Money

By: Jen Sincero

$100M Offers

By: Alex Hormozi


By: Mike Michalowicz

Best-Selling Co-Author of Business on Purpose!

Do you believe overcoming your struggles will bring you closer to success?
Women today are creating their lasting legacy by starting businesses that serve a purpose.
The first volume of 
Business on Purpose showcases twenty women who have faced the challenges of life with resilience and grace. In the process, they’ve discovered what they’re made of and how they’re meant to serve the world.
The courageous women in this book share stories that will:

  • Encourage you to grow through the struggles of life
  • Motivate you to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Inspire you to keep moving in the direction of your dreams
  • And remind you that you’re not alone!

The real-life stories of loss, struggle, and self-discovery will touch your heart. Join these women on a search for deeper meaning, and reignite your own desire to leave a lasting legacy.
It’s time for women like you to own your gifts and talents by building a 
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