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Ready to fully step into your role as CEO with a trusted strategic COO partner? If you are looking to reduce the growing pains of an in-demand business with a remote team, scale your business without burning out, and need streamlined systems to sustainably run your business, then this is for you.

In this unique 6 month consulting accelerator we will work together through each phase of my SIMPLE Ops Framework™ while supporting your team so they can focus on serving your clients. The key phases are as follows:

  • Standardize your processes to reduce the guesswork in your business to guarantee quality for your customers.
  • Improve your systems, processes, and operating expenses in order to serve your clients at your highest level.
  • Manage your business by focusing on the KPIs, and SOPs in order to have a team that can operate without your constant oversight.
  • Plan your strategy on a quarterly basis so we can focus your energy and resources.
  • Live the life you want while you…
  • Enjoy time and financial freedom created through a business you love! 

We work with you to customize your systems, strategy, and team support to fit your vision, leadership, and ideal lifestyle.

What's Included:


Back Pocket Ops

This is perfect for anyone who is in need of just a little bit of support with get their operations in order to ensure you have the foundation you need to grow. 

This is our operations membership that is a great option for any small business owner who needs help with their systems and building their team, but can’t afford an OBM yet! We get you out of survival mode and into thriver mode through our trainings, templates, and support! 

No long term commitment on your end, but guaranteed improvements! 



Get your Sh*t SIMPLE VIP Day

It is time to stop putting your internal business operations on the back burner! The longer you wait the more money you are letting slide down the drain. 


If you are ready to finally feel like the you are organized, on top of tasks, have repeatable processes in place, and a plan to make your systems better then this is for you! 


We will do a deep dive together into your business while applying my SIMPLE Ops Framework along the way! 


This day is all about deciding on a strategy and getting you traction!

Have you ever experienced an intensive or workshop where you leave with a bunch of stellar ideas, but you’re overwhelmed with not enough time or clarity to implement them?

That is not my style! I am not another consultant who is only going to give you a bunch of to dos without a plan! 


We will be working hard to create solutions,  implement changes, and plan how to delegate these ideas effectively! 

$997 for a Day

ClickUp Elevation

Are you sick of recreating the wheel with every new client or you know that there could be a better way to do it so you can free up your time, but you don’t know where to start?

Are you struggling to make Clickup work for you the way you want it to? 

Then this is a great done for you option! We will come in to help you map out your system, check how your software will communicate, identify automation opportunities, document your processes, and train you and your team on how to use your ClickUp workspace. 

This is our custom Clickup build option where we help you build out your Clickup so your team can and will actually use it. These builds typically take 8 weeks. We dive deep into your processes to ensure your Clickup works the way it should, plust we ensure it integrates with your other tools. 

We only take on 1 new build a month so please apply below. 

Softwares we have worked with:

**This is not a complete list of softwares we work with so please reach out and ask if you have a specific tool in mind ! Our focus is building out your system and making sure your tools can integrate at all stages.

Clickup Builds start at $4,000.