Operations Services

Ways to work together to get operations and system support:

Strategic Operations Intensive:

This is for the entrepreneur that…

A) is still trying to DIY their business and needs help with mapping out strategy.  


B) has a team that can implement the tech piece, but needs expert help creating an operations strategy to easily delegate and systems that automate as much as possible so their team can focus on adding value.

This is perfect for anyone who is planning out how to work less without sacrificing revenue or working till they burn out.  

What you walk away with: 
  • 2 -hour strategy session with recording
  • 30-Day action plan to reach your financial goals while working your ideal schedule
  • Key process improvements that will save you time and money
  • Process Map

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Optimize Your Operations VIP Day:

What we do:

  • Identify your 90 Day action plan which includes: monthly goals, KPIs, system improvements, and supporting roles you will need to complete the plan
  • Process map your client journey and client management process
  • Find all of the holes, gaps, and bottlenecks in your current process.
  • Find where you can make easy tweaks in your schedule and operations to free up more time
  • Clean up your client management and onboarding to ensure you are only adding value
  • 2 Standard Operating Procedures documents
  • You get access to all the replays


Where it is:

  • Virtually on Zoom!


Who can come:

  • You and your first-in-command team member are included in this investment.


What happens after:

  • You get two weeks of Voxer/email support with me as you navigate through the changes!
  • You get a discount on all future VIP days!
  • You get my SOP template
  • You get my ideal schedule creation workshop
  • You get my Simplify my Expenses Template to track and review your personal and business expenses


Who this is best for:

  • Business owners making consistent multiple 4 figure months on their own or have a small team (less than 3 people) who are looking to get out of the weeds and back into control of their team and business.
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Investment is $3,000
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